In this digital age there are many ways to travel. Beyond planes, trains, and automobiles, digital technology and communications have changed the face of explorationl. Much of of this virtual travel is facilitated through computer screens and televisions. Compared to this, travel by train holds a somewhat romantic place in our cultural psyche.

Natalia Mikołajczuk shoots on bleak and dreary days, rarely showing more of the train than the out of focus and dirty surface of its windows, yet another screen to look through. This screen blocks the viewer from entering her strange world. The window reflections and train motion distort our view, giving it mystery, suspense, and intrigue. The dramatic lighting of the storm sets the stage for the cinematic. But these sentimental views depict nonevents, where perhaps something just happened or is about to happen. The viewer is left with an awkward moment in between these events... Traveling. Unsure whether the moment is dull or if he should be full of anticipation and excitement as to what will come next.

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